Pizza Review AL: Screamin Sicillian

So anyone who knows me knows pizza is my thing. Now when I’m too lazy to make a pizza (which is usually the case) or too cheap to order out, I take advantage of the third option; A pizza lover’s dirty secret, the frozen pizza. 

My go to frozen pizza is usually Sam’s brand from Walmart with the occasional frescetta, digiorno, or Red Baron. If I was 100% honest, Tostino’s $1.25 personal pizza happens more often than it should.

This new brand caught my eye the other day and I heard some good things so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Packaging was certainly appealing, verbage was clever, box even came with a fun wearable Italian mustache (pictured below).

Tried one called Mambo Itiliano that features “rough chopped pepperoni, Italian meatballs, Wisconsin whole milk mozzarella, and robust tomato sauce.” With most frozen pizzas, a little enhancement is in order. They often get a little sprinkling of extra cheese or pepperonis due to the lack of toppings. This was not at all needed for this pizza. Cheese was perfect in abundance, pepperoni was cut thick, meatballs were a nice addition but could have been spicier, and the sauce complimented the toppings. Artisan style crust was advertised as being baked in an “Italian hearth oven.” Crust didn’t stand out to me but it was thicker than expected and made the crust to toppings ratio just right. The pizza looked smaller but easily filled us up (my wife, Jennifer and I). Great toppings was the best part of this pizza. Wonderful, tasty and very hearty!

I rate it 7 out of 8 slices.

Please like and comment below to let me know your fav frozen pizza brands and if you’ve tried the Screamin Sicillian!

Screamin Sicillian also offers the following pizzas.




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