ReviewAL: Pizza Hut’s Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust


Earlier this month Pizza Hut release it’s newest variation of their stuffed crust pizza, the “grilled cheese stuffed crust”. But what is the actual difference between this new variation and the classic stuffed crust? You also may be wandering, hasn’t Pizza Hut tried gimmicks like this before? Is it even worth my money to stray from the original?

The History

Pizza Hut has always been the best in fast food pizza to me. Founded in 1958 in my hometown of Wichita, KS; I’ve always been partial to Pizza Hut over Dominos, Papa John’s, Godfather’s, Ken’s Pizza, CiCi’s, Little Caesars, Pizza Inn, Pizza Village, even Mazzio’s. This loyalty to Pizza Hut may have been started with a program that targeted young students call “Book It” which gave incentives for reading a certain number of books. Getting a personal pan pizza was always worth reading a stack of books. Therein, my addiction began.

Pizza Hut has always been there for me. All their crusts are delicious, from their Thin N’ Crispy to their Deep Dish, and their marinara is especially addictive. My favorite of their crusts has always been the stuffed crust, introduced in 1995. The crust becomes a delightful cheese breadstick appetizer in and of itself, genius! Fun fact, Donald Trump was one of the first to promote Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust in this TV commercial.

Not only is there genius in the concept of the stuffed crust, but Pizza Hut has also attempted to add novelty and variety to their stuffed crust pizza a number of times. The image below tracks the history of the stuffed crust.


It’s just bonkers to me that the grilled cheese stuffed crust is actually the third iteration of the stuffed crust this year alone! What an age we live in. But I digest…

The Review

Last night, Jennifer ordered for us the grilled cheese stuffed crust while I was at the gym attempting to justify the calories I was about to consume. I went and picked it up and immediately noticed a difference in the smell. The original stuffed crust is pure mozzarella while this new variation features some mozzarella but mostly is stuffed with cheddar. This seems slightly ironic as I imagine most everyone remembers making grilled cheeses with slices of American cheese, but I’m a fan of cheddar so whatevs. The cheese was delicious but was far from the only change.

The crust itself is cooked with a butter and breadcrumb blend on top. Sounds like a small change but actually gives the crust a pleasant crunchiness the original does not have. It actually did make me think of the crispness of the butter cooked on the bread of a grilled cheese sandwich.

This iteration of the stuffed crust is the ultimate in pizza comfort food. I still refuse to eat the crust first, but I’m very happy to have tried it. I rate the Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust 9 out of 10 slices. I don’t suspect it’ll be around for a terribly long time given the track record on these variations of the original stuffed crust, so try it soon and let me know what you think! Do you agree with my rating? What is your favorite variation of the stuffed crust pizza?

Thanks for reading pizza pals!


P.S. Some of you may remember that Mad TV poked fun at Pizza Hut and did a sketch some time ago. Still pretty hilarious!


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