Spiritu AL: My 5 Favorite Places to Pray in Cleburne, TX.


Jennifer and I have lived in Cleburne for 3.5 years now and we have come to enjoy exploring all the mom and pop shops and local restaurants that Cleburne has to offer. Something that has also been fun is exploring the parks and scenic areas that lend themselves to spending time with God Almighty.

Thought I’d share 5 different places that have become great places for me to spend time with God in prayer, meditation, or just quiet time. Please comment and share your favorite places to pray and spend time with God!

silver bullet

#5 My Car

This one might seem like a cop-out but some of my best praying happens in my car. The appeal of the car prayer is not the luxurious interior of my 2000 Honda Accord (AKA: the Silver Bullet). The appeal is that my car takes me to the places where the people I care about are. Somedays, I find myself parked in front of other churches where some of my friends in ministry work and I’ll stop and pray for them and their families. Somedays, I’m parked in front of one of our schools where our students attend and I’ll pray for their safety and their courage to live out their faith in their classrooms. Many time, I have to approach God in prayer when I’m parked in front our Westhill Church building. Whether it’s before class, morning services, a special event, or just another day of work I often pray for God’s blessing on our many ministries, our leadership, and our members.

There’s just something about sitting in a parking lot, the physical building that represents the people I care about in front of me, and having a solitary moment to pray before going on with life. Plus, this is a place anyone can approach the Almighty!


#4 Lake Pat Cleburne

I think being near a body water brings to mind how often Jesus taught near (sometimes on) water and used water multiple times in his teachings.
There’s something about being near water that is soothing and offers a sense of tranquility. Lake Pat is pretty full right now and it’s a perfect place to get away for a quiet lunch at one of their covered picnic table areas. Ideal for having a bit of God time. It’s usually pretty quiet and offers nice views to take in while you commune with the Almighty.


#3 Church Sanctuary
This one seems almost too obvious. This is the place we are almost guaranteed to pray in at least once a week. And it’s for that very reason that the sanctuary or auditorium seems like the perfect place to pray during the week. Ever notice in the movies when the troubled protagonist (Clark Kent in Man of Steel for instance) goes to an empty church sanctuary to commune with the Almighty over a very tough issue or loss. Why don’t we do that more? The church sanctuary is already typified as a “holy place” and they are made to be aesthetically pleasing.

I remember being a young man and getting chills walking into our auditorium back home in Wichita, KS when it was empty and the lights were off. It always felt like God’s presence had saturated the walls, the pews, the very air in that room.

I encourage you to give it a try! Maybe even try visiting some different church sanctuaries during the week. Some are very beautiful and can be a great deal more ornate than the typical church of Christ auditorium.

McGregor Park

#2 McGregor Park (Hulen, Buddy Stewart, and State Park)

Cleburne features a handful of beautiful parks. Some are better for walking and some are better for mountain biking. But the most convenient one for prayer, in my opinion, is McGregor Park.

While the whole park is beautiful and makes for a nice walking trail, my favorite spot is underneath the tree in the center of the “maze”. Makes me think about the Garden of Eden somehow with the tree in the middle. Awesome place to sit in quiet and be with God.

Which park is your favorite?

Prayer Garden

#1 Prayer Fountain


First one is the prayer fountain on the North side of First Christian Church on Nolan River Rd. It features a well-kept garden that serves as the home of three wooden crosses with three stone benches. The fountain and babbling stream is soothing as it fills your ears. There are “memory stones” that are available to be tossed into the stream and are meant to represent God’s past blessings. Plus, the fountain was dedicated in the name of one “Bob Middleton”. Pretty sure there is no relation but I’d like to think he was a kindred spirit.

I confess that I don’t know First Christian’s visitor policy but they haven’t ran me off yet. Great place to quiet the mind and connect with God!


Thanks for reading! 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to simply “pray continually” and it helps me to remember that prayer can happen at any time and any place. Please share your favorite prayer spots below. In doing so you just might be encouraging the prayer life of a fellow Christian!


One comment

  1. Kris · November 19, 2017

    I also love McGregor Park. My favorite spot is the bench between the bushes facing the maze and the mail box. Bunnies live in the bushes. You usually meet several winged friends as well. Creation speaks in the little nook.


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